Who We Are

Who We Are…
We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about The Swap Sheet. We are 63 years old (we’ve been around the block once or twice, so we must be doing something right). Our current physical circulation is 10,000 a week. 3,000 copies are delivered to the Naval Weapons Center at China Lake, and the rest are picked up here at our office by people who want them. They are typically available for distribution around 1:30am on Thursday mornings, and by noon or earlier on Friday, all are gone.

We have been in business so long because we are a unique paper/shopper. We appeal to all sorts of Valley wide residents of every economic strata. We are presently the Valley’s largest advertiser. If we were a newspaper, we’d nearly be the equivalent of the L.A. Times. However, we do not offer news, carry no opinion columns, don’t offer lovelorn advice, nor do we print your horoscope. All we offer to the businesses and individuals of the Indian Wells Valley is customers who are reading their ads with only one thing in mind, How am I going to spend the money in my pocket this week? Isn’t it great to have already passed that hurdle? Each advertiser has its niche in the Valley, but because we have such a long-standing relationship with residents of the Valley, who are in the spending money frame of mind The Swap Sheet works for both buyers and sellers. Some business people think advertising doesn’t work, or that they don’t need to advertise at all. I’m already busy, they say Look in The Swap Sheet; your competitors are advertising right now, probably week in and week out. They don’t advertise because we are nice people, although we are. They don’t advertise each week because they like spending money, although some may. They advertise each week because ads in The Swap Sheet get results. That is the only and best test of effective advertising, THE RESULTS!

And now, with the launch of our new website, The Swap Sheet online, results are what we will continue to deliver. It is now faster, easier, and more accessible to the business owners and residents of the Indian Wells Valley than ever before. Not to mention, that The Swap Sheet will now be attainable to people not only in the Indian Wells Valley, but to all of those in Southern California, The West Coast, the U.S., and around the globe Maximum exposure for your advertising dollars is crucial And we have just delivered the most powerful exposure apparatus in existence today, the Internet. And there are great resources for this like https://www.promo-advertising.co.uk/media-types/bus its highly effective, as people will see these when waiting for buses and walking past.

Thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to meeting your advertising needs.

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