Our Prices



Classified Ads:
Classified ads are calculated per word as follows:

$2.065 per 5 words. Minimum price: $4.13.
Putting the entire ad in bold adds a $2 flat fee.
What is a Word?
A word is a word, regardless whether it is abbreviated.
Example: Bd and Bedroom are both 1 word.
However, common acronyms, like OBO for “or best offer” or ASAP for “as soon as possible” count as one word.
A number is a word, regardless of its length.
Example: 123 S. Main St. is 4 words… 123, S., Main, St.
A phone number is one word.

Punctuation of any kind is not counted as a word.
Display Ads:
Display ads are calculated by dimension (square inches) as follows:

$3.86 per square inch on non-requested pages. Minimum size: 2 inches by 2 inches ($15.44)
Ads that go on a requested page (if available) are charged $4.05 per square inch.
The front page costs a flat price of $475.00.

Our $2 fee
We charge a $2 convenience fee for internet ad placement. This fee is a flat fee added at the end of your transaction and is calculated per transaction, not per ad.
The convenience is for both of us: For you, the customer, the convenience is that you do not have to call us, nor leave your home. You do not have to place your ad during business hours. You can see the exact wording that will be used in your ad.
The convenience for us helps cover fees charged by the credit card company and the web site and allow us to bring this service to you.