Place an Ad Online

Deadline for submissions are Tues @5:00PM to make it into the current weeks issue.

Ad Builder
We have a special ad builder website to help you place an ad online. Click “here” to get started.

Our $2 fee
We charge a $2 convenience fee for internet ad placement. This fee is a flat fee added at the end of your transaction and is calculated per transaction, not per ad.

The convenience is for both of us: For you, the customer, the convenience is that you do not have to call us, nor leave your home. You do not have to place your ad during business hours. You can see the exact wording that will be used in your ad.

The convenience for us helps cover fees charged by the credit card company and the web site and allow us to bring this service to you.

What is a Classified Ad?
Classified ads consist of text only. They are the word ads that you find under various sections in the Swap Sheet, like Sales, Autos, etc. All our classified ads have their first three words bolded for free. To bold your entire ad, we charge a $2 flat fee.



What is a Display ad?
Display, or boxed, ads are the square ads that contain pictures, different sizes and kinds of fonts, borders, etc. If you want to include a picture, very large text, or any graphical elements, like a logo, in your ad, you want a display ad.


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The earlier you get in your ad, the earlier it will appear in the Swap Sheet. If you want to request a certain page, or the closest page you can get to the front, please call or e-mail us, as this feature is not available for online ordering.